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Our Doctors
Our doctors

Our team of board-certified bilingual Primary Care Physicians attend to our patients with special and unique care, and the latest technologies, to surpass by far the standards of the current offerings in the Naples and Collier County communities.

Our doctors are experts on their respective specialties, and approach each individual patient with genuine care. Their schedules are structured to limit the number of patients they see every day, and allows them to grant each individual the highest quality and most attentive service possible. Having time for each patient also allows them to provide ample support and education for patients to optimize their health and well-being. As part of our personalized service, the health and progress of each patient is tracked and monitored closely through regular follow-ups, and directing visits to specialists, ensuring the proper care is maintained to alleviate each individual’s condition.

For our doctors to make the best decisions possible, they are connected to the patient’s detailed medical history through our Electronic Medical Records system. This system allows each physician to access important medical information, that includes digital x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, lab results, and all previous medical history. If the physician needs to make a prescription, this system offers him the capability of making a more informed – and better decision, and it even serves as means to send prescriptions directly to the Pharmacy.

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Clínica Los Angeles emphasizes the need of maintaining regular health evaluations, prevention screenings,and immunizations, so that our patients stay healthy and maintain a good quality of life.

DR Evelia Iglesias MD
Medical Director
DR Arles Perdomo MD
Rosa Lia Zapata_headshot
DR Rosa Lia Zapata MD
Jaime SAAP APRN_headshot
Jaime Saap APRN
Digna Maria espinosa_headshot
Digna Espinosa APRN